“Dann is an outstanding tutor! Dann gave me expert tutoring in both the SAT and the ACT. In the middle of my junior year, I was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder, which severely impacted my ability to take the ACT and SAT. Dann was incredibly patient, kind, helpful, and funny which gave me the encouragement I needed to tackle the tests. When it came to the point of taking the test again or settling for a score slightly lower than I was hoping for, Dann was extremely supportive and encouraging with whatever choice I made. I decided to give the ACT a shot and with Dann's help was able to obtain a score that I was thrilled to get. I had heard from numerous peers and parents that had used Dann, that he was awesome and amazing and was the best tutor they had ever used. But it wasn’t until I was tutored by Dann that I realized what they were talking about. Dann went so so above and beyond any expectations my parents or I had. I felt that Dann truly wanted to see me succeed and reach my full potential. He was so attentive, conscientious and tailored his tutoring approach to what would work best for me. There is no other tutor I would have rather had or who I would recommend so highly! I couldn’t have done it without Dann!”

Student – Lower Merion High School ‘19

“Dann is the best ACT/SAT tutor out there! I only wish we had found him sooner and used him for my three other children! By initially determining which test my son had the best chance of success at saved us so much time, $ and energy in the long run. My son appreciated Dann's approach and his technique of tutoring to understand the test rather than focusing on specific questions.  My son just took his 3rd and last ACT at the end of his junior year and we couldn't be happier with the results. Dann was able to improve my son's ACT baseline composite score of 27 to his latest composite score of 33, with a Super Score of 34!!!  Thank you Dann!!”

Parent - Radnor High School '19


“Dann is the best there is.  He was excellent in helping my son decide whether he would likely have better results if he took the SAT or the ACT based on my son’s natural abilities and likelihood of improving scores on each of the two tests. Once we knew which would likely be a more successful test, Dann helped my son increase his scores tremendously.  I tell everyone I know what a terrific teacher Dann is and how lucky we feel to have worked with him through the process.”

Amy Feldman - Parent, Harriton High School ’18


"Dann was amazing and we loved working with him!"

Amy Fuchs - Parent, Harriton High School '19, '16, and '14


“Dann has helped my daughters with their SAT and SAT II preparation. They were always happy to spend an hour studying with him, which is amazing in and of itself. Making their time and effort especially noteworthy, however, is how much their scores improved. Between their fall and spring attempts at the SAT junior year, one daughter raised her score 110 points, while the other 120 points. One earned a perfect writing score; the other raised her math score 120 points. Both took the SAT twice, and the SAT IIs once. Thanks, Dann! We will miss you.”

Parent - Baldwin '18 and Baldwin ’16 / Duke ’20


"An excellent and experienced coach is essential if you want your children to do well on the SATs.  Two of my children have been tutored by Dann.  He is not only knowledgeable and competent but also had a great connection with my girls.  He taught them all the tactics and tricks they needed to ace the SATs and they both got scores that exceeded their expectations.  Thank you Dann and BTW we have another one in the pipeline for next year."

Mary Baranov - Parent of Sharon, Keren, and Hannah, Lower Merion High School '18, '15, and '10 / University of Pennsylvania '19, Penn State University '14


“Dann, I just wanted to let you know that I have received back results from schools… I got into BROWN!  I am so extremely happy! When I first opened the letter and read ‘Congratulations!’, my mom and I both screamed. I was through the roof! This has been my dream school ever since I visited the campus… I write this email because I wanted you to know how extremely grateful I am for all the help you have given me in preparation for both my ACT tests! I would not be where I am today without your guidance and support. I hope to make you proud!”

Giulia Breznovar – Vespucci College Curacao ’17, Brown University ‘21


"I cannot thank you enough, Dann and Cynthia for SAT tutoring and test prep for Sophie!  You both made what was one of the most stressful parts of Sophie's Sophomore and Junior years, not only bearable, but fun, exciting and interesting for Sophie.  Sophie's scores raised significantly (especially in the verbal sections) with weekly tutoring that combined challenging and appropriate homework problems, along with question and answer practice sessions.  You really took the time to come up with a program that was unique to Sophie and suitable for her abilities, strengths and weaknesses.  I could not ask for a more patient, professional, flexible and knowledgeable tutoring company.  We tried two other places prior to finding you guys, and I really wish I had come to you first! Sophie was able to integrate the tutoring sessions with her busy homework and activity schedule, sports commitments, and social schedule.  The sessions were perfect for her life.  Thank you for helping Sophie feel confident and prepared going into the SAT.  We will certainly keep you posted with her college admissions process! :)"

Julie Fisher-Holtsberg - Parent of Sophie Fisher, The Agnes Irwin School '16 / MIT '20

"Dann has been a great tutor for both of my sons, helping them prepare for the SAT and ACT tests.  Dann has also helped with high school math and science tutoring.  Working with Dann has been a huge help over a five year time period.  I would recommend Dann to anyone looking for help for their students.  Working with Dann was extremely helpful to one of my sons who struggles with ADHD.  Thanks so much Dann."

Gina Meigs - Parent, Archbishop Carroll '16

"Dann's tutoring was essential to my success on the SAT. His vast knowledge of the test and organized methods made clear studying goals possible and his willingness to help in any subject area made even the most confusing of problems manageable. Dann worked through problem after problem with me, making sure I knew not only the subject matter but also the approach to anything I might come across. Most importantly, though, he helped me feel comfortable and confident with the SAT and my own test-taking abilities. I could not recommend Dann's tutoring more!"

Emma Scornavacchi - The Shipley School '15 / Harvard University '19


"Dann, I wanted to let you know that Ben got into Washington University in St. Louis Early Decision.  He is very excited. Thanks so much for all that you did for Ben helping him with the ACT and all the advice that you gave to him.  It really paid off.  I hope that you are still tutoring when my daughter Emily starts the college process. She is a freshman now but that time will be here before I know it."

Liz Lorry - Parent, Friends' Central School '15 / Washington University in St. Louis '19


"We highly recommend Dann Furia.  He helped our daughter calmly and methodically prepare for the SAT.
We were so pleased to learn she scored a 2390 overall.  Thank you Dann for preparing her so well!"

Parent - Harriton High School '15 / Duke University '19


"Dann helped our son with his SAT through his junior year. From the very beginning I was impressed and confident the way Dann approached and undertook the weaknesses and areas of improvement that were needed, in all sections of the SAT. Dann's quiet demeanor and patience is something that every teacher needs to have. As a result we are very happy about the test results that our son was able to achieve. If it were not for Dann he may not have been able to get these scores."

Anne Fernando - Parent, Episcopal Academy '14 / Vanderbilt University '18

"Dann was a great tutor for my daughter Rachel. He gave her the dedicated attention and support that she needed to focus and significantly raise her score.  I could not be more pleased with Rachel's SAT improvement and look forward to using Dann again for our other children."

Jill Kirchner - Parent, Harriton High School '14 / Lehigh University '18

"We found out about Dann Furia through our school counselor.  My daughter, Caroline, had already taken a prep course and her first exam by the time we found Dann.  She was not happy with her scores so we contacted him immediately and his response was fast and especially enthusiastic to get started! Dann was able to identify her weaknesses and strengths and then he completely focused his attention not only her weakness but helped her to enhance her strengths.  Caroline increased her overall score by 300 points.  She was elated to have reached her goal.  Many, many thanks to you Dann for your help.  You are not only awesome at what you do, but you genuinely are excited too when your students do well!"

Lota Hahn - Parent, Sacred Heart '14 / The University of Texas at Austin '18

"I can't thank you enough for your sincere help preparing Julia for her college entrance exams. She was quite hesitant at first with the whole test process and you really made it so easy for her. You organized and structured the work in a format that kept her going without all the pressures associated with taking such rigorous tests. She truly felt at ease with you. We both appreciate all your support, insight and guidance. Julia finished the school year in a really good position and is looking forward to her senior year. We will keep you posted!!!!!"

Lynn and Julia Heyman - Lower Merion High School '14 / Cornell University '18

"Dann was a terrific tutor for my son Josh.  He was extremely patient and kind.  After evaluating both tests they decided together that the ACT would be better for Josh.  He gave Josh all types of tricks and tips for taking the test.  I would definitely recommend Dann for tutoring and I have already passed his name on to many of my friends. I will also be using him again for my other two children."

Melissa Martin - Parent, Lower Merion High School '14 / Indiana University of Pennsylvania '18

"I could not have asked for a better SAT tutor.  Dann helped me find all the little patterns I needed to know for each section, and went over with me in detail every type of problem I was consistently getting wrong.  Eventually with his help, my scores improved by 420 points!  Thanks for everything Dann!"

Student - Lower Merion High School '14 / University of Pennsylvania '18

"Dear Dann, Our son was accepted to Penn early decision!  We're thrilled for him and happy that he achieved his goal.  Thanks for all of your help and guidance.  Your tutoring helped make the difference.  THANKS!!!  
All the best
A Happy (and Relieved) Parent" University of Pennsylvania ' 17

"Hi Dann, I have good news: I actually got a perfect score, a 2400, on the June SAT! The practice and the information you gave me were extremely helpful in getting me there. Thank you very much for your help!"

Student - Georgetown University '17 / Conestoga High School '13 (Score 2400, June 2012 SAT)

"Dann proved to be the exact resource we were looking for in helping our son prepare for the college entrance exams.  Dann's unique approach to tutoring  helped us to determine that our son would be best served by preparing for the ACT rather than the SAT exams.  Through a customized approach, Dann helped our son to develop the skills and confidence necessary to maximize his potential on the exam.  From the pretest to the second attempt his scores increased dramatically which we attribute to Dann's program."

Margaret Lauhoff - Parent, University of Pittsburgh '17 / Radnor High School '13

"Dann is a phenomenal tutor! He helped me reach my full potential, raising me 310 points from my PSAT to my SAT. I couldn't be happier with the progress I've made and it's all because of the guidance Dann gave me through his tutoring. Thanks Dann!"

Colby Berman - Lehigh University '17 / Lower Merion High School '13

"Dann's approach perfectly combines exacting methods with an easy and reassuring manner.  He quickly identified which skills my daughter needed most to improve and they got to work.  Rather than a set fee Dann charges per session, allowing him to tailor the tutoring to the individual student.  His strategies permitted my daughter to approach the SAT with more confidence; improved scores followed naturally."

Parent, Princeton University '16, Shipley School '12

"Dann has been a wonderful tutor for our daughter.  She wasn't sure which test she should take and Dann tested her in both the ACT and SAT.  We decided on the ACT and therefore wasted no time or expense in having to prepare for both and just concentrating on the studying for the ACT.  Our daughter raised her score two points from the first time she took the ACT test to the second one and is now confident she will get into the schools she will be applying to next year.  Dann's patience and tutoring style was a great match for our daughter and we appreciate him pushing her to work hard to reach her goals and do the best she could on her exam.  We owe it all to Dann and would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a great college prep tutor.  Thanks Dann!"

Robin Pomerantz - Parent, Lower Merion High School '13

"I went to Dann for tutoring for a couple months before the SAT, and thanks to him I got a better score than I could have ever imagined. We started off identifying the test I should take, quickly discovering that it would behoove me to take the SAT rather than the ACT. After identifying the proper test we focused in on the SAT, Dann giving me millions of helpful tips and hints, and before long I was ready to take the test. I was able to get a 2080 on my SAT, and I owe it all to Dann."

Ethan Giles, Clark University '17 / Friends Select School '13

"We really liked the initial evaluation where Dann hones in on his students' strengths and helps them determine which test -- ACT or SAT -- suits them better. Dann's quiet demeanor allows him to relate well to his students. There's homework every week, but because of Dann's rapport and likeable nature, our kids did the work without complaining. Dann's work with our children allowed both of them to go into their test with a high degree of confidence. Thanks in part to her strong ACT scores, our daughter got into her first choice college. And our son saw a significant increase between his PSAT and his SAT test. Dann's tutoring works! We highly recommend him."

Farina and Tony van Veen
Parents of an Episcopal Academy and a Haverford High School / Franklin & Marshall student

"Our daughter started tutoring with Dann in the Spring Sophomore year after the PSAT's to bring up both reading and math scores.  During the spring and later in the fall he helped determine very clearly that the SATs were a far better fit for her than the ACTs.  She took the SATs in the Fall in November and realized an amazing 140 point increase in her SAT reading and 50 point increase in her math score. There was a lot of hard work on both her and Dann's part, but well worth it. The process was very efficiently and effectively accomplished and it gradually became clear that Dann was a real pro at his job. Best of all Dann is a really nice, low key true gentleman who my daughter liked tremendously. He always returned calls to us and was always available over the phone for consultations when we needed a quick update.  We would recommend Dann Furia highly to anyone."

Richard Sperry - Parent, Yale '16 / Shipley School '12


"Hi Dann, Wanted to share our good news, Sean was accepted to Penn, School of Engineering, early decision. He is thrilled as we all are! Thanks so much for your work with him, I really think it made a difference!"

Mary Pat Lynch - Parent, University of Pennsylvania ' 16, Harriton High School, '12


"Dann has been a wonderful tutor for our children for the past three years.  He tutored my son for the ACT and helped him raise his score significantly.  Not only did he give my son valuable test-taking strategies, 
but he also helped him understand his weaknesses and worked with him to increase his confidence.  
We have also turned to Dann for tutoring in geometry, math analysis/trig and physics for my son and daughter.  
Dann has in-depth knowledge of these subject matters and, most important, is a skillful teacher - 
working with him has given my children the extra boost to succeed in these difficult courses. Dann has always been very flexible with scheduling and works hard to find time for us, even on short notice.  Much appreciated by a busy family!  He takes a sincere interest in his students and, with his gentle manner, encourages them to perform to the best of their abilities."

Susan Blumenfeld, Lower Merion High School Parent

"As a parent of a high school junior and having gone through the process before, 
I  was determined not to get sucked into the frenzy of the getting into college craze! 
Unlike my previous experience with a real wheeler dealer, yet bright, tutor Dann has the temperament and insight to work with each chid and build their confidence as well as their scores. By tailoring the approach to each child's learning style and strengths, Dann encourages them to go for a realistic, attainable goal, yet well above initial aspirations.  His means of predicting what is best, the ACT vs. SAT is well worth the price. After that determination, it is not a set price; Dann will recommend what he thinks will be enough to reach the goal- not what will make him the most money! I cannot say enough about Dann. He kept in contact with me and my daughter as to her progress in an upbeat, discreet manner... And she reached her goal of 33!"

Parent, UNC Chapel Hill '16, Lower Merion High School '12


"Dann is the best SAT tutor ever. He really focuses on what you specifically need to work on. 
His tutoring really helped me improve my SAT scores; my scores went up about 150 points. 
He's a great guy and an excellent tutor."

Laura Keehn, Catholic University / Haverford High School

"Dann is an excellent tutor. 
When I first started going to see him, I really struggled with time management on the SAT. 
Dann taught me effective strategies to deal with and even overcome this problem, 
so that I felt comfortable and secure when the actual test day rolled around. Dann also explained challenging math questions to me so that I was able to truly understand the answers. All of my scores increased significantly after being tutored; my critical reading improved by 140 points! Dann was extremely helpful and encouraging, and I would recommend him as a tutor in a heartbeat!

Student, Yale '16, Shipley School '12

"Dann helped me determine that I was better fit to take the ACT rather than the SAT, and his decision proved to be beneficial, as he guided me to a 33 on my first and only time taking the ACT in September.  
With Dann's help I was able to conquer this part of the junior year process on the first week of school, which allowed me to focus on my classes."

Daniel Sansweet, Georgetown '15, Lower Merion High School '11

"Dann helped me with my preparation for the SAT.  After working with him, I was able to improve my score by 290 points from my fall PSAT to my May SAT!  Not only did he provide helpful information about the test, he also gave me insightful strategies for test day as well as test taking in general."

Audrey Utkus, Georgetown '15, Lower Merion High School '11

"Dann helped me through ACT tutoring during junior year in addition to college essay writing and even school essays throughout senior year. He has always been able to fit me in his schedule even when it was last minute. 
In every session, whether it was tutoring or essay writing, we made a significant amount of progress and I always felt comfortable with what I was taught."

Jennifer Barker, Delaware '14, Lower Merion High School '10

"Dann really gave me the confidence and guidance to do better on my SATs, and the results show how helpful he was: my math score went up 100 points after he tutored me. All around, he was just a friendly person and he truly cared about how well I understood the material.  I'd definitely recommend him to anyone."

Anne McGibbon, Kutztown University '13, Lower Merion High School '09

"Dann is a fantastic tutor. He focuses on the student and the areas in which they excel and need improvement with, and this strategy helped my scores in writing and reading comprehension to each go up about 200 points. 
I would recommend Dann to any student looking to improve their SAT scores."

Matthew Keehn, Lafayette College / Haverford High

"Dann helped me raise my ACT score 4 points in a matter of 6 weeks."

Danny O, University of Pittsburgh '15, Lower Merion High School '11

"Dann helped raise my son Tom's ACT score 6 points.  Dann did careful assessment of what Tom needed and targeted the tutoring to improve those areas."

Barbara Wasik, PhD - Archmere Academy parent

"Dann was a wonderful tutor for my son. He knew just how to motivate him to work up to his potential and taught him the strategies needed for the ACT. My son's score increased by 3 points which put him right where he needed to be for the colleges he'’s applying to.  I would definitely recommend Dann to all my friends as a valuable resource in the community. Not only is he an excellent tutor but he is also more reasonable than most Main Line tutoring companies I investigated. Kudos for a job well done!"

Lower Merion High School Parent