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Having tutored more than 2000 students for the SAT and ACT, our team of expert tutors has an extensive record of proven success.  We possess an intricate knowledge of both tests - not only the strategies, tricks, and traps, but also the in-depth academic subject material and content.  We teach the strategies necessary to score well on the SAT and ACT tests, and along the way we fill in any gaps in academic content.  Repetition of strategy along with academic tutoring, i.e. filling in those "gaps", is a highly effective combination.

Also important, our tutors are highly effective at discerning each student's strengths and weaknesses, academic background, and style of learning.  We understand that every student deserves a personalized approach and we cater our lessons to the individual.  We also understand the numerous pressures and hectic schedules of a typical high school student and we are cognizant of these factors throughout the tutoring process.  Our goal is to maximize a student's potential on the SAT or ACT, while minimizing the stress and anxiety these tests sometimes evoke.

All of our tutors (except Dann) travel to you for in-home tutoring sessions.

More about the SAT and ACT:
In regards to the SATs and ACTs, we are often asked "Which test is easier?" Unfortunately, neither test is considered to be "easier" - they are simply very different.  There are, however, some differences that are meaningful when thinking about which test to take.  The SAT involves deeper critical thinking skills; for instance, the SAT reading comprehension and math word problems often require abstract problem solving techniques.  The ACT, on the other hand, is a more straightforward test.  However, the ACT also is more of a test of speed (especially in the Reading and Science sections).  Furthermore, even though the ACT Math is presented in a more straightforward manner, the ACT tests slightly more advanced Math topics.

Overall, a student's academic background and testing personality are key factors in determining which test might be a better option.  

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