Dann Furia

Dann Furia is a graduate of Princeton University with 17 years of PSAT, SAT, and ACT tutoring experience. He has tutored more than 1000 students for the SAT and ACT and consistently yields outstanding results. 

Located in Havertown, PA, Dann has worked with students from almost every high school in the Main Line Philadelphia area and his work has earned him high praise from college counselors, parents, and students alike. 

Dann offers one-on-one tutoring, providing individualized guidance to each of his students. He teaches the strategies as well as the academic material necessary to perform well on the SAT and ACT examinations. Dann's upbeat and energetic personality allows him to connect with and motivate his students in a positive and engaging learning environment. 

Dann is also a passionate musician. He is a song-writer and recording artist with several albums commercially released. 


Because the SAT and ACT are now both universally accepted by all colleges, high school juniors and seniors now have more flexibility but also more work to do in figuring out which test is the better option. Ten years ago, I designed and implemented a unique “SAT Versus ACT” evaluation to help incoming juniors decide which test is better suited to his or her strengths. Through a combination of tutoring and testing, I provide an invaluable resource in helping students decide whether to prep for the SAT or ACT. While this evaluation is most helpful before or during junior year, it can be completed anytime. 

My SAT / ACT Evaluation involves a combination of one-on-one tutoring along with simulated SAT and ACT testing. In a matter of only two weeks, I will provide you with highly accurate, expert advice and feedback on which test is a better option for you. I base my results on numerous factors, including our work together as well as test score results from our initial baseline testing. As part of my evaluation, I will also provide you with in-depth feedback on results, a full breakdown of your scores and more importantly, a clear explanation of what the scores really mean. 

While this SAT / ACT evaluation process is completely optional, I often encourage it for current or incoming juniors. By figuring out which test is a better option, we preempt the need to study for and take both tests. Since the SAT and ACT are extremely different in terms of format and content, a student would have to spend twice as much time preparing for both tests. By figuring out which test is “better” for a particular student, we streamline the testing process, making your life much easier! 


Having been a recruited college varsity athlete (Diving, Princeton University), I understand the goal-oriented expectations of the college athletics recruitment process. I currently work with numerous sophomores and juniors who need a head start on the SAT and ACT process due to the demands of college coaches. I strive to make the process as seamless as possible and I work extremely hard to help a student achieve his or her goal scores. I can also provide specialized insight into what a recruited athlete might expect to hear from college coaches during sophomore, junior, and senior year of high school. 

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Contact: 610-453-7050